Diabetes and Heart Disease

Chelation therapy has been around for 80 years. It has been used to deplete toxic metals from patients with symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. Unfortunately, lead and cadmium are commonly found in many environments which cause a variety of symptoms. What physicians observed was that patients experienced relief from peripheral vascular disease and angina. After decades of relaying these observations, the FDA agreed to fund a study which was carried out by an independant NIH investigator. The results were remarkable and led me to offer chelation therapy in my practice! If you are diabetic and have been diagosed with heart blockage or poor circulation, call us and learn about how chelation therapy can save your life.

Brian Kolender MD Dr. Kolender is a board certified Internal Medicine specialist and has been in private practice for over 20 years. In 2014, he became an affiliate of MDVIP. MDVIP provides a platform for him to take the best-possible personalized care of his patients. He is also very proud to have completed a preceptorship in the BaleDoneen Method. Dr. Kolender is now setting a goal of preventing heart attacks and strokes in all of his patients. This journey of education and growth has led him to start Lifestyle Medical and Wellness. This practice is here to bring specific anti-aging treatments to anyone who doesn't want to enroll in the MDVIP practice, but is looking for natural, bio-identical and forward thinking treatments that are backed by evidenced based scientific research.

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