Why Bio-Identical Hormones?

I used to be a traditional doctor, but once I became a MDVIP affiliate, I recognized there are many diagnostic tools and treatments that are not covered by insurance. We will discuss this problem in future installments! Bio-identical hormone replacement was not on my radar until my wife recovered from 6 months of illness in days after starting treatment. As I learned more about BIHR, it became clear that using hormones makes sense as we age. Losing hormones is associated with aging and balancing hormones can help maintain a healthier internal environment. Obviously, this is a very simplistic description, but this is a blog!

I am interested in keeping my patients as alive and vigorous as possible. BIHR is a powerful tool toward this end. I am insistent on using natural plant-based hormones. These plant based sterols are engineered to look just like our natural estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. They need to be injected directly into our body as opposed to taken orally. Meds taken by mouth need to be digested and metabolized by our liver. This makes our liver work on a synthetic drug and this can be a source of inflammation. BIHR are injected or applied topically to avoid first-pass liver metabolism.

This is the short answer. More to come.

If this is interesting to you, call to schedule a consultation. I know you have more questions!


Brian Kolender MD Dr. Kolender is a board certified Internal Medicine specialist and has been in private practice for over 20 years. In 2014, he became an affiliate of MDVIP. MDVIP provides a platform for him to take the best-possible personalized care of his patients. He is also very proud to have completed a preceptorship in the BaleDoneen Method. Dr. Kolender is now setting a goal of preventing heart attacks and strokes in all of his patients. This journey of education and growth has led him to start Lifestyle Medical and Wellness. This practice is here to bring specific anti-aging treatments to anyone who doesn't want to enroll in the MDVIP practice, but is looking for natural, bio-identical and forward thinking treatments that are backed by evidenced based scientific research.

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