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If you’re continuously fatigued and have trouble losing weight, your symptoms could be due to a decrease in human growth hormones (HGH). At Lifestyle Medical & Wellness, located in Bingham Farms, Michigan, Brian J. Kolender, MD, offers growth hormone replacement therapy such as sermorelin supplements to provide anti-aging benefits and enhance your health. Call Lifestyle Medical & Wellness or make an appointment online today to learn more.

Growth Hormone Replacement Q & A

What are human growth hormones?

Your pituitary gland produces growth hormones. It stimulates growth and development during childhood and adolescence and helps maintain your tissues and organs throughout your life. However, like most hormones, your body produces a smaller volume of the chemical as you age.

What is growth hormone replacement?

Declining growth hormone levels contribute to many of the changes in your body and energy levels associated with getting older. Growth hormone replacement aims to replenish your body’s stores to reduce the effects of aging and help you stay healthier and fitter throughout your life.

At Lifestyle Medical & Wellness, Dr. Kolender offers growth hormone replacement by utilizing peptides such as sermorelin. While growth hormone replacement with HGH replenishes your hormone stores with synthetic growth hormone, sermorelin is a more natural supplement that stimulates your pituitary gland into producing more of the critical hormone.

Because they are working with natural peptides, many safety concerns associated with HGH and other synthetic products are alleviated. Growth hormone secretagogue therapies including sermorelin supplements are provided in daily injections.

What are the signs of growth hormone depletion?

Signs of aging such as low energy levels, weight gain, muscle mass loss, and skin imperfections are all indications that your body doesn’t have sufficient levels of growth hormone. Many people live with premature signs of aging and poor health because they don’t have enough growth hormone to meet their body’s needs.

What should I expect during growth hormone replacement therapy?

Dr. Kolender provides a thorough physical exam and lab testing to diagnose the cause of your symptoms before prescribing any treatment. The lab tests help rule out other conditions that could cause your symptoms, and also reveal your growth hormone levels.

If growth hormone replacement therapy is the best treatment to restore your health and change your aging process, Dr. Kolender provides daily injections of the precise amount of the hormones your body needs.

The treatment provides a wide range of benefits. You’ll notice:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Muscle development
  • Weight loss
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved skin tone

Throughout your treatment, Dr. Kolender performs additional testing, which may reveal improved heart function, increased bone density, and enhanced liver function.

If you’re concerned about the effects of aging and their impact on your well-being, call Lifestyle Medical & Wellness or make an appointment online today to find out how growth hormone therapy can improve your wellness and reduce the physical, mental, and emotional effects of aging.