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Many health conditions are preventable with regular screenings, lifestyle changes, and medication. Patients from in and around Bingham Farms, Southfield, and greater Detroit, Michigan can seek preventive medicine and care from Brian Kolender, MD, at Lifestyle Medical & Wellness. To find out which preventive health screenings and services are offered, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online.

Preventive Care Q & A

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is the practice of addressing potential health issues before they become so severe that they require extensive or long-term medical care. Medical screenings like mammograms, prostate exams, and Pap smears are used to detect potential problems. These tests are especially helpful for people who have a family medical history that contains certain conditions, including cancer and diabetes.

Preventive medicine allows the patient to be proactive and help them make positive lifestyle changes that may prevent serious illness in the long run. By making changes at an early age, many health problems can be avoided.

Are screenings and health checks important?

Screenings, health checks, and annual physical exams are extremely beneficial if a person has an extensive medical history that increases the possibility of certain illnesses. If an illness is caught early, the doctor has many more treatment options that they can use.

The further along a condition gets before it is treated, can dramatically reduce those options. Individuals who receive a yearly physical exam and submit to various healthcare screenings may receive discounts on their health care coverage premiums.

Why is it beneficial to catch illnesses early?

Catching illness in their earliest stages offers many benefits. Not only does it allow doctors a wider selection of treatment options to choose from, but it also gives a healthy body more time to attack the condition while it is still manageable.

Early detection also increases life expectancy, especially when dealing with conditions like cancer and different types of kidney disease. Since many cancers are very fast moving, diagnosing them in the earliest stages gives the patient and the doctor the advantage they need to beat the odds when fighting a debilitating illness.

Patients who have not had an annual check-up or regular screenings and tests within the last year can contact Lifestyle Medical & Wellness to make an appointment today.